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Canine Transforms Life of PTSD-Injured Veteran

While on a mission in Iraq, Sgt. First Class Brock, now medically retired, developed PTSD from an explosion on an enemy stronghold. He and his fellow soldiers had been assured that their positions were far enough away to prevent them from harm. Too late, Brock realized that they “were too close. The explosions coming through shook me up a little too much.”

Fortunately Brock was referred to Angel Flight for Veterans, which in turn connected him to a service dog facility called paws4vets. He was accepted into the program and was paired up with a young golden retriever named Tannen. The first trip was to a women’s prison in West Virginia where inmates train young dogs and where Tannen selected Brock in a process called “the bump.” Afterward, Brock, who lives in Chesapeake, Virginia, traveled with Angel Flight for Veterans several times to the paws4vets headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina for intensive training. Finally, this past spring, he brought Tannen home for good.

Brock says his new best friend has changed his life. “Now I can go to restaurants and the mall. My schedule has become normal and I’m sleeping through the night.” He and his wife, Stormi, have five sons. He greatly appreciates Angel Flight for Veterans, saying, “I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for making this all possible. You truly are angels!”

Ultimately, Angel Flight for Veterans offers solid support and financial relief benefiting our heroes/veterans.


We want to help more veterans and create more stories like Brock's. Become a part of this amazing campaign and you can help get a vet receive the medical attention that he or she may need. Donate to our community cause today!



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